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The DeSmuME DS Emulator can play NDS ROMs for the Mac, PC, Linux, as well as the Wii.

If you are going to choose a gaming console to spend your leisure time with, it should be no other than the Nintendo DS. This game console is quite handy and it can do other things besides playing adorable games. It can take good photos, play music, and it also lets you browse the Internet. You will also be able to appreciate the great collection of games available for the NDS. Both casual gamers and hardcore gamers would definitely love playing games that are available only for the Nintendo DS, but the thing is, people who don’t have an NDS or those who want to view the bigger screen to play games can take advantage of an NDS emulator. You can play NDS games from your computer through an emulator, and one of the most recommended is the DeSmuME.

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The DeSmuME’s name came from the terms ‘DS Emu’ and the ‘ME’. This emulator was previously named the YopYop DS, and was developed by the company called YopYop156. Now, the DeSmuME is already an open source NDS emulator and can work for Windows, Linux, and MAC. Its language is C++ and the company YopYop 156 has already ceased development on the NDS emulator with its last version at 0.0.3 due to French laws. However, its source code has been released into a public domain and because of this, several developers were able to release a more recent version for the emulator using the source code.

What makes DeSmuME different from other similar programs is that it is able to save states and also filter images to improve quality. Additionally, it can increase the size of the screen and emulate all 2D graphics known today, with only very minimal problems when it comes to color bit depths. The DeSmuME can also emulate 3D features if you have the software rasterizer, though it cannot work for the antialiasing and wireframes. This emulator is able to emulate audio recording as well as direct video recording because it equipped with a movie recorder. For Internet connectivity, the DeSmuME is still under testing and development to be able to efficiently be able to utilize WIFI. However, you can link the Worms: Open Warfare 2 and the Mario Kart DS with this emulator.

You can port and run this emulator on the Portable PlayStation but because this console does not have the touch screen feature and the processor used to emulate NDS games at the most efficient speeds, this feature is considered useless. You can run NDS software on the PSP though and you can even use this emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

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In terms of compatibility, the NO$GBA is still better than the DeSmuME. Only a smaller number of Nintendo DS games can be played and they often have errors for the control, audio, and video aspects. Some of the more famous titles such as the Pokemon and Super Mario are still not supported and needs further testing and development.